Louis Vuitton Paint Bag for an Edgy Style


For those irrational spenders sitting in a pile of disposable cash, search the Louis Vuitton catalog.

The French luxury fashion house has exhausted its creative ideas and a trip to home improvement retailers was their new source of inspiration. The designers shocked people with the reveal of their latest design, which resembles an ordinary paint can. Unlike the $50 paint can, this luxury bag sells for $2,800.

It becomes apparent that the company invests more in copywriting and advertising efforts than the production process. The product description sells a good that the mind dismisses as undesirable at first glance: “The exclusive LV Paint Can is a wildly creative alternative to a conventional bag. Styled like a real paint can down to the metal handle, this cool collectible is decorated with playful references to Louis Vuitton’s heritage. Roomy enough to hold two phones and other personal items, it comes in six eye-grabbing colors from designer Virgil Abloh’s signature palette.”

If customers carry this bag on their shoulders, forget compliments. Customers may be lining up for home renovation quotes for their pending work.

People expressed their reactions to this product launch. An Instagram user mocked: “Always wanted my very own paint tin. All my hopes and dreams have come true.”

A Twitter user tweeted: “Since when is carrying a paint can be considered fashion? This is as ridiculous as it can get, ’cause that’s like $2,800. Who wants this???”

The logo sells for established brands. For the budget-conscious bandwagoners, avoid disposing of old paint cans as they can serve as accessories.


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