Low Landing Plane Makes Tourists Duck for Cover


Low landing planes are relatively common depending on the city but oftentimes airports are still secluded enough that they don’t disturb tourists. That’s not the case at an airport in Greece where tourists have to duck for cover as planes try to land.

Skiathos, located in the Aegean Sea and off the east coast of Greece, has an airport that’s bookended by water. Airplanes often land at a shallow angle and come extremely close to onlookers enjoying the beach nearby.

In a recent incident, a Wizz Air jet buzzed passed the heads of tourists before landing on the Greek island, barely missing the heads of several onlookers taking in the spectacle. The plane in question ended up being a Wizz Airbus A321neo and can be seen on video mere feet above the heads of people watching the plane land at Skiathos Airport.

As expected, some people were shocked at how low the plane can really go. Others were too afraid to stand directly underneath where the plane passes, choosing to stand off to the side instead.

This isn’t the first time a plane has come this close to hitting bystanders in Skiathos. It’s estimated that this most recent incident might be the lowest landing yet, overtaking when an Air Italy 737-8BK came in at a shallow angle in 2013.


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