Luggage Lost by Airline Arrives Four Years Later

Losing your luggage can be an absolute nightmare for some travelers. If the airline doesn’t know where your bag is, chances are it’s gone for good. An Oregon woman had some luck on her side when she was reunited with her suitcase… four years after it was lost by the airline.

April Gavin posted on TikTok explaining that she had her suitcase lost during a United Airlines flight home from a business trip in Chicago back in 2018. Despite being a simple A to B kind of flight, the luggage somehow managed to take a detour to Honduras.

Gavin said after several months of searching, the airline informed her that the bag’s disappearance was a mystery. She was compensated for some of her lost items, but not all of them, and she had practically forgotten about the back until now.

The woman was shocked to receive a phone call this week informing her that her suitcase had turned up at an airport in Houston, Texas. Gavin said she was even more surprised when she was told her bag had arrived on a flight from Honduras.

“It was in Honduras. And who knows where else it went,” Gavin said. “But it came from Honduras. Went to Houston, Texas. They called me.”

United Airlines informed her that part of the difficulty in tracking the bag was that it hadn’t been properly scanned when she checked it before flying to Chicago. Gavin did an opening of the bag in the video and despite the outside being slightly damaged and worn, the contents were pretty much intact, even after so long.

Source: https://www.tiktok.com/@aprildgavin/video/7186391146430582059