Luxury Apartment Includes Bedroom Surprise

A spacious three-bedroom flat in London, England, for £1,800 or a little over $2,200 sounds reasonable until seeing the third bedroom.

The fully-furnished apartment includes two standard-sized bedrooms and one that looks like a “prison cell.” The building was built in 1912, in Woolwich and used to be Woolwich’s magistrates court. For that reason, it is Grade II listed.

The listing was originally posted on OpenRent where they suggested the area could be used as a study space. Ah yes, nothing like cramming for an exam within the confines of a prison cell.

Despite having a massive open-plan living room and brand new kitchen, the original listing has since been removed from OpenRent but continues to be mocked online for the crazy single bedroom from your worst nightmare.

One user commented: “Prisoners in Sweden live better than Londoners.”

Another person joked: “You’re doing 20 years for £1.8k a month.”

The apartment also features two bathrooms, large windows, has access to a garden and is within walking distance of shops and transportation. If you’re looking to save a few extra bucks and don’t necessarily need to use the third bedroom, this might be the perfect apartment.