Lying Down Competition for Lazy Bums


If the sloth is your spirit animal, this is your time to shine. Introducing the easiest competition ever organized in Brezna, Montenegro: the Lying Down Championship. Participants have one straightforward task — lie down doing absolutely nothing for as long as possible.

Too much of anything is a spell for disaster. Although lying for hours on end sounds like a dream for a person with a busy lifestyle, it soon turns into a painful nightmare. As time passes by, your bones and muscles start to ache, your limbs go numb and you just feel a deep urge to jolt up and stretch.

Žarko Pejanović emerged as the champion when he managed to lie down for approximately 60 hours. Pejanović is a natural when it comes to this lounging activity. He said: “It was not difficult. Believe me, I didn’t even warm up.” How does one warm up to sleep with no movement?

Pejanovic competed against nine other people, lying down on the ground in a local park. Everyone was allowed to bring things like phones and books to keep themselves occupied as they lay on the ground, but one by one they started getting up until only two people were left.

At one point, the two competitors started joking about splitting the title of champion but Pejanovic was determined to bring home the title of 12th Lying Down Champion. After about 60 hours, he remained the last one lying down.

Sixty hours is a long time period as people still need to pass their bodily functions. Do they shit and piss on the ground? Nah, the event organizers modified the rule to allow competitors to visit the toilet every eight hours.

Before the toilet break rule was adopted, the world record for lying down continuously was 52 hours.

The Lying Down Championship was reportedly created by a man named Radoje Blagojevic to poke fun at the stereotype that Montenegrins are lazy. Lazy folks are still capable of winning a reputable title with this competition.


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