Mailman Drops the Mail to Play Bumper Cars


On an average day, we expect brief interactions with the mailman where they quietly slide our mail into the mailboxes, and the job is complete.

This story took an unexpected turn when two mail carriers in Anne Arundel County decided to battle it out in the resident community of Pasadena’s Sunset Beach.

A child witnessed the event unfold between two mail carriers, one male and one female, their U.S. Postal Service delivery trucks, and the mail. They set a stellar example for the child, and he reported this incident to his grandmother. She said: “One punched the window on the other one’s mail truck. The one backed up and slammed into the other one like bumper cars.”

They attempted to add some playfulness into the mundane realities of their job. Unfortunately, their paper fight with the resident mail got out of hand very quickly.

Brenda Rippetoe, a witness in the community, said: “They kept going around the block, and at one point, they were front-to-front, hitting their bumpers together. So, I mean, it was a mess… The guy in the one mail truck got out and punched the window of the female’s mail truck, and then she started throwing mail at him and mail was going everywhere all over the street.”

Their bumper car game looped in people who did not sign up for the activity. The mailman blocked the woman in with his truck, and as a result, he obstructed the entire road and trapped other drivers who got pulled into the showdown.

Anne Arundel County police arrived to put an end to this battle.

Rippetoe added: “The guy got out of the mail truck and started running down the street, and the police officers chased him and handcuffed him and then put him in the car.”

U.S. Postal Service had other mail trucks arrive at the residence to clean up the mess with the mail. They retrieved the scrambled mail and delivered it to the appropriate recipients.

This bumper car game ended in the courtroom, and the judge can declare the winner of this game.


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