Man Accidentally Sends STD Results Instead of Cover Letter for ‘Dream Job’


Jacques Paul took to TikTok after he mistakenly sent his STD results instead of a cover letter while applying for his ‘dream job.’

The Haringey, London, resident had been hunting for a job for a little over a year when he came across an opportunity that excited him, which was a position in digital marketing at a consulting firm.

Jacques spent some time filling out the application and crafting the perfect cover letter to accompany his application. Moments after hitting submit, he realized the huge mistake he had made.

“You get an email confirmation of your application and it said to log-in to see the status, which I did. I wanted to make sure everything was okay. Then I saw the PDF of the STD results and freaked out,” Jacques recalled.

Jacques says he received the results of his STD the same day as he submitted the application, which may have caused his confusion when looking for a PDF to upload.

In a follow-up video on his TikTok, Jacques says he never heard back from the company about the mistake and jokingly added, “I’m probably blacklisted somewhere. Probably, there was an HR note being like ‘Do not interact.’”

Jacques’ original video has since garnered more than 1.2 million views and over 115,000 likes on TikTok.

One user commented, “This has me crying in my office I’m DEAD.”

Another wrote, “Omg this makes me so much better about starting mine with a typo. Thank you, you’re doing God’s work.”

Jacques believes that sharing his mistake will calm other’s nerves when it comes to filling out job applications. He also hopeshis experience will de-stigmatize sexual health and the importance of getting tested.

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