Man Arrested for Threatening Family With a Fork


Family squabbles can happen anywhere but resorting to violence because of the situation should never be an option. One man got a bit too heated during a night out which led him to grab a fork and threaten to use it other than to eat his meal.

Lee County Deputies arrested a man that threatened to stab a father in the neck with a fork at an Estero restaurant. A family was eating dinner with their two kids at a Wasabi Steakhouse when the children became “disruptive and loud.”

Obviously, someone got a bit too upset with the noise. Security footage shows Joseph Vadder at the table next to the family where he starts to get agitated and argue with the father of the children. Vadder went even further and threatened the father and his family.

According to the arrest report, “the situation became more hostile as [Vadder] picked up a fork, looked at the victim and threatened to use the fork to stab him in the throat.”

The family was quick to leave the restaurant after Vadder reportedly got “inches from [the father’s] face and continued to be belligerent.”

It didn’t end there. Investigators said the father of the family and Vadder continued to exchange words in the parking lot as the family got in their car. The 49-year-old is also accused of punching the family’s car window, causing some minor damage.

Deputies arrested Vadder shortly after the incident occurred and he now faces charges for aggravated assault with a weapon and property damage.


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