Man Arrives at Hospital With Beer Bottle Up Butt

Boozy night in or telling the truth? An elderly man was forced to visit a hospital in Palo Negro, Venezuela, after he allegedly had three men break into his house and shove a bottle up his bum.

The reasoning behind the robbers’ frustration was that the 79-year-old man didn’t have anything of value that they could take. Angered, they did the one thing they could think of and injured the man.

X-rays confirmed that a bottle had been shoved up the man’s rear. The man was moved to a different hospital so emergency surgery could be performed. Doctors couldn’t remove the bottle by hand since the rectum walls had already been sucked in too deep.

In some cases, a doctor will pass a tube between the object and the wall of the rectum to try to equalize the pressure as the object is removed. The man was brought to an operating room and was put under general anesthetic to start the procedure.

According to reports, the patient did undergo ’emergency surgery’ but no further details were given.