Man Breaks Into His Own Home


It’s not every day that you get arrested for breaking into your own home. A Florida man learned his lesson after he allegedly broke into a room inside his home to steal a hookah from his roommate.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Tyler Wesley was arrested in Fort Myers when his roommate Monica called 911 to report the incident. CCTV camera footage from Monica’s room shows that Wesley attempted to cover the camera with a cloth before dropping it and running out of the room.

Wesley’s parents actually own the house on Naure Pointe Loop and they were the ones who invited Monica to live with them. “She is the sister of one of my ex-friends. She paid rent for like two months and then just stopped,” said Amy Pacheco, Wesley’s mother.

Apparently, Monica hasn’t been the easiest to live with and has been causing the whole family stress. On a few occasions, the LCSO have had to report to the house on disturbance calls.

Monica told deputies that Wesley stole a brand new hookah from her room, which is something that Pacheco claims she’s never seen in her house before. “For all I know, she could have it herself. They haven’t found a hookah or anything else when they went through the house,” Pacheco said.

On top of not paying rent, Pacheco said that Monica is supposedly the one behind stealing a four-foot-tall speaker from their son’s closet that went missing. They now want to formally evict her from their residence.

Wesley faces charges of grand theft and burglary for his sloppy crime. Unfortunately, the 19-year-old will be unable to live at home as long as Monica remains there.


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