Man Caught in the Act With a Vacuum


Temptations are always lurking around every corner but it’s probably best not to scratch that itch while in public.

John Jeffs was caught by a shocked church-goer as he went to town on a vacuum cleaner’s nozzle. Apparently, the witness saw Jeffs was naked apart from a pair of ladies stockings as he was “thrusting” into the home cleaning device.

Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard he was “standing between two dark chairs, thrusting into a Henry Hoover.” The 74-year-old did notice the member of the public but that didn’t stop him from motoring on. He later told police that the act felt “naughty.”

The court heard Jeffs was in his office at The Baptist Centre in Middleton Cheney in September 2020 when he was seen, which was a full seven months after he stopped working as a pastoral manager at the Christian faith-based group, Parents Talking Asperger’s.

He was found guilty of indecent exposure at the trial in July 2022. Despite having a clean record, Jeffs was given an 18-month community order and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register. He must also pay a little over $1,000 in court costs and $237 in compensation to the witness who caught him in the act.

The defense solicitor explained that Jeffs was still coming to terms with the loss of his wife and was in “a lot of pain” because he was ignoring his health. The magistrate argued: “Why you thought it best to bring this matter to trial, I have no idea.” We’re not quite sure either.


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