Man Claims He’s in Sexual Relationship With the Mona Lisa


Celebrity artist and painter Domingo Zapata is known for creating hundreds of depictions of the Mona Lisa, but during this time a spark ignited with the sultry stare.

Zapata claims the secret to his success is due to the “romantic and sexual” relationship he has with the world-famous painting.

One of Leonardo DiCaprio’s favourite artists, Zapata grew to fame when 26 of his digital re-interpretations of the Mona Lisa were placed on display in The Louvre in Paris, alongside the original Leonardo da Vinci version.

While putting this prestigious project together, Zapata claims he became obsessed with the woman behind the painting, would dream about her every night and have “sex with her in his dreams.”

“I have been working with Mona Lisa for 15 years. When I was painting her so much, I would dream and I have a sexual relationship with her.

“You cannot stop where it’s taking you. It’s about touch, feelings, being naked. As an artist the relationship with the canvas is intimate.”

Zapata went on: “The more you open up, the more risk the more you take — the more you express yourself. It does become an obsession when you are into a topic and you want to explore it more and more.”

Others in the close circle have become aware of his obsession with the portrait.

“Diana Picasso — Picasso’s granddaughter, who is an art expert and a good friend of mine, asked me in the studio: ‘Are you dreaming about her..are you having sex with her?'” he said.

“And I’m like: ‘Of course, I am having sex with her in my dreams. If I was not having sex with her I would have quit a long time ago.”

When The Louvre reached out to Zapata asking to show his work alongside the original masterpiece, he thought it was a joke.

“I thought it was a joke when they first approached me…

“Obviously it is a big honour. My reality exceeded my dreams, and I am grateful.”


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