Man Completes Panty Raid


Oftentimes, when thieves steal from people, they’re looking for expensive items like jewelry, cash and electronics. Apparently, one Indian man didn’t get the memo and opted for stealing women’s underwear instead.

The alleged thief has been carrying out multiple bizarre burglaries over a short period of time in the Gauspura locality. A local resident lodged a complaint when the thief’s most recent act was caught on CCTV footage.

In the CCTV video, the man entered a home in the middle of the night and stole some underwear, as well as Rs 500 that was left in the pocket of a kurta. The video was shared on Twitter, which clearly shows the man disappearing off screen after he ventured into a home and eventually returning with a wad of underwear in his hands.

A first information report (FIR) was finally registered against the unidentified man since video evidence was captured of the crime. Before then, most people ignored the burglaries and considered them a trivial issue. Police are now trying to identify the man and a search is currently underway.


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