Man Discovers Cash During Home Renovations


Doing home renovations can cost a pretty penny but it’s nice when you can discover a bit of cash along the way. A New Jersey man was renovating his porch when he discovered $1,000 in $10 and $20 bills from 1934.

Rich Gilson and his wife, Suzanne, bought a 1920s-era cottage in the Wildwood area around four years ago. Since then, they’ve already completed renovations on elevating the house and added a new foundation.

Rich was using a mini-excavator to remove parts of the old foundation where he found a pair of strange objects. “I thought they were weeds. I picked them up and just threw them aside and they went into the pile I was using for fill,” Rich said.

After taking a day-long break from the work, the objects spotted Rich’s eye, which turned out to be rolled-up paper bound with rubber bands. The bills were buried underneath where the porch once stood. It was previously only accessible via a crawlspace.

Suzanne shared the couple’s findings in a Facebook post. The caption read: “Here’s something worth digging for. While Rich spent Sunday clearing and filling the lot for landscaping, he dug up buried cash. 10’s and 20’s rolled up in brown paper, looking like little cigars, dated 1934. $1,000.00 total, worth about $20,000.00 in 1934!”

The couple plans to old onto the money because the story behind it is too good.


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