Man Discovers He’s ‘Dead’


Accidents happen but having someone listed as dead when they’re most definitely alive is one for the ages. A man went to file a police report about a missing deed that was under his name, only to find out he’d been listed as deceased.

Low Choo Choon from Malaysia went to transfer the name of a two-person gravesite that he and his wife had purchased to a relative since they were struggling financially. When he couldn’t find the deed for the grave, he went to file a police report.

Instead of it being an easy task, Choon discovered he had been listed as ‘dead.’ The 71-year-old funeral van driver (the irony) was advised to file a complaint to the National Registration Department (JPN) back in January 2022 to fix the mistake.

Despite trying since earlier this year to get the death status rectified, they have yet to do so. Choon spoke at a press conference with Wong Bor Yang, the Senai assemblyman that he enlisted to assist with his case.

Credit: Wong Bor Yang

“I have been working at a funeral home for so many years but I never thought that I would be listed as ‘dead,'” Choon said.

Since the press conference, Choon’s case is now said to be under review by an investigation team at JPN but he’s had to deal with a number of problems since his discovery.

Having been ‘deceased’ for eight months, Choon was unable to get his road tax certificate renewed for 2022, something important for his job as a driver. He was also unable to vote in state elections in March 2022 and his driving license is set to expire in September.

“If my (status) does not get updated, I worry that my bank account and assets will get frozen. I’m asking for JPN to kindly speed up the activation of my identification card (IC) again. I’m tired of this, I’m too old to keep going up and down to JPN,” Choon said.


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