Man Feeds His Hamsters Miniature Plates of People Food

Not many pets get to enjoy the deliciousness of people food but a pair of hamsters in Scotland have been getting treated like kings.

Anton Allan treats his two Syrian hamsters, Mr. Marshmallow and Mr. Liquorice, to homemade meals. Anything you can think of Allan has probably made it for the hamsters, as Mr. Marshmallow has tried at least 100 different recipes alone.


I don’t think there is anything Mr. Marshmallow loves more than pasta πŸ˜‚πŸ #fyp #hamster #hamsters #hamstersoftiktok #thehamsterstation #pet

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Allan offers the hamsters a “taste test” so they can figure out exactly what they like. “The first thing Mr. Marshmallow ever tried was some watermelon and he loved it,” Allan said. “At the start, I just tried him on some different fruits and veggies but then I decided I wanted to start making him some meals to try.”

Some of the other meals Mr. Marshmallow has dove into are spaghetti, apple pie, cheesecake and more. Mr. Licorice is a bit younger and is new to human food so he hasn’t tried many items yet but Allan is always sharing what he creates for the pair on social media.