Man Finds Surprise in Pak Choi


A vegetarian found a little friend in his pak choi and it’s certainly not something you would want to see touching your food.

Vagner Cuna stopped by the grocery store to pick up a 99p bag of pak choi on his way home from the gym. He chose a package from the back to avoid any products that had been handled by previous customers.

Not taking too much of a look at the package, it wasn’t until he got home that he noticed a live newt curled up among the leaves. Cuna was working on making dinner and was about to add the pak choi to his air fryer before seeing the animal.

Cuna took to his TikTok where he posted a video of the experience. The caption reads: “I bought a vegetable from Morrisons and it gave me a ‘surprise’ gift.” A surprise gift indeed.

Not being familiar with having a pet, Cuna knew he needed to get rid of the animal somehow. Obviously, he didn’t want to just have the grocery store throw the animal away and advice from a pet store and a veterinarian seemed useless.

Thankfully, with the help of his brother and a friend who studies veterinary medicine, the group decided to set the newt onto a riverbank or another moist area but not to actually put it in the water. The newt ended up being released at London’s Regents Park.

Morrisons, the store Cuna purchased the pak choi from, issued a statement regarding the incident. They said: “We’d like to thank Vagner for arranging the safe release of the newt back into the wild.

“And apologize for our four-legged friend, who felt the need to become a bit of a ‘newt-saince’ by making its way into a bag of pak choi.”


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