Man Fined for Leaving Car Three Inches Over Parking Spot

Parking your vehicle is a serious problem in almost every major city. It can be nearly impossible to find a space and even if you do, you might be fined for it.

Julian Griffiths was fined for parking his car a measly three inches over the parking spot line. He was also issued the ticket just 10 minutes after he parked his Renault Clio at Tawe Retail Park in Swansea, England. Griffiths had parked his car in a rush to grab some knee supports for his son.

“I thought, ‘bl**** hell, they’re having a laugh.’ I never realized it had to be perfectly square and perfectly within the confines of the bay. I would understand if it was halfway in one bay and half across another bay but they are penalizing me for wonky parking — it’s mad,” said Griffiths.

Although the car was parked in the right spot, according to the warden who issued the ticket, the car was pulled “too far” out of the parking line, which warranted a ticket. That three-inches cost Griffiths a hefty fine of $100.

To protest the ticket, Griffiths decided against paying the fine and also decided to file a plea against his ticket. “It’s clearly another example of car parking companies abusing their position to generate income,” Griffiths said.