Man Fined for Visiting McDonald’s Twice in One Day


Everyone needs their fast food fix every now and then but visiting the same location twice in one day is apparently against the law. Let this story be a warning because it could happen to anyone.

Spencer Barclay was fined around $119 for visiting McDonald’s twice in the same day. He started his morning by heading to the Metro Retail Park in Gateshead for a coffee and returned after work to get a Happy Meal for his six-year-old son.

Even with a full workday spread out between his two visits, it wasn’t enough. UKPC claimed that the car had been parked at the location for nearly nine hours and handed out a stiff parking fine.

Barclay works at Metropolitan House as a software consultant and had actually been parked in the free car park for the length of his shift.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, it’s just blatantly designed to try and get money out of people — it’s extortion! This can clearly happen to anybody,” the 52-year-old said.

He added: “If you visit McDonald’s twice in a day you can get £100 fine — that can’t be right! How many other people have been unfairly treated for going for a happy meal?”

In early July 2022, Marclay received the fine in the mail, which included pictures of his car at 8:25 a.m. and 5:09 a.m. While accurate, the photos clearly are a mistake as they miss the bigger picture. The images seemed to imply that he’d simply left his car there the whole day when he’d left to go to work.

As one would expect, Barclay is challenging the fine. “It’s absolutely infuriating. They have got the photograph of me in the morning and at night but nothing in between. I want to see the video evidence to show I was in that car park for the whole of the day,” Barclay said.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s did comment on the situation: “We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience. The car park at our Metro Retail Park restaurant is run by a third-party provider and we have made them aware of this issue.

“We understand that if the customer contacts the provider directly, their case will be considered under the appeals process.”


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