Man Flies to Wrong City for Business Meeting


Traveling regularly for a job can make it difficult to keep track of where you’re going and where you’ve come from. That was certainly the case for one man, who found himself in the wrong city for an important business meeting.

The man usually traveled by plane between major cities in the United States, with New York City, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta being his main stops.

His most recent trip was supposed to see him spend a few days in Seattle before heading to Dallas. What made this trip so confusing was that his flight to Seattle included a layover in Dallas before he was due to be in the city for his other meetings.

When he saw Dallas written on his ticket, he assumed he was supposed to be in that city first. He flew to Dallas only to eventually realize he should’ve flown to Seattle instead. Of course, he missed the all-important business meeting he was supposed to attend in person on the other side of the country.

The man aired his grievances on Reddit about his horrible experience. He said: “I had a few day’s trip hitting Dallas and Seattle so got on a plane this morning, flew to Dallas, hopped off, and grabbed an Uber to the hotel I usually stay at there. I figured I’d lounge around and get some work done for a bit before a late afternoon meeting.

“But the hotel said I wasn’t supposed to be there until two nights from then. Turns out that I was supposed to be in Seattle. I had a layover in Dallas, and just out of habit saw the Dallas Airport so hopped out and grabbed an Uber instead of catching the second leg of the flight… I did not make the meeting.”

Hopefully, this won’t happen to the man again since he’s in the process of cutting back his business travels. He explained: “I’m in the process of cutting back travel. My wife is pregnant with twins. So, A, as of now there would be like a 30% chance I’m not there when she goes into labour, and B, I don’t want to be that dad who’s always gone.”


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