Man Forces Son to Play Video Games for 17 Hours Straight

Depending on who your parents are, you do not want to be caught playing video games past your bedtime. A father caught his young son playing video games on his phone at 1 a.m. on a school night and punished him by forcing him to play for 17 hours straight.

The young boy from Shenzen, China, found out the hard way that too much of a good thing can actually be quite awful. His father caught him playing video games on his phone shortly after midnight, despite knowing he had to get up for school the next morning.

The parent was so upset that he knew he had to teach his son a lesson somehow. Instead of scolding the boy, he simply told him that he could play on his phone instead of sleeping, adding that he could even take a day off from school so he could play some more.

At first, the young boy enjoyed his punishment but as he continued to play video games under his father’s supervision, the drowsiness started to kick in. When the child tried to put his phone down to go to bed around 7 a.m. that morning, his father informed him that he had also taken a day off from work to make sure his son got to continue to play video games with no sleep.

It wasn’t until around 6:30 p.m. that evening that the boy promised that he would never again play on his phone behind his parent’s backs. He even agreed to put the promise in writing in order to make it official.

While some applauded the direction the father took with his punishment, others criticized him for forcing his child to stay awake for such a long period of time at an age when the brain is still developing. The man made sure to clarify that he doesn’t recommend anyone else try this method with their kids.