Man Gets Hand Stuck in Couch


Searching between the couch cushions for lost change or the remote can be a real struggle. Most times, you can find what you’re searching for but other times, your hand gets stuck inside the couch. You win some, you lost some.

Firefighters at the Stapleford Fire Station in England received an unusual call from a man who needed help removing his hand from the back of a sofa. The crew responded to the call and were able to remove the man’s hand successfully, despite some “slight reddening to his hand.”

The Stapleford Fire Station posted about the incident on its Facebook page. Gavin Wilson, one of the firefighters who attended to the call, said: “It really isn’t just fires, I am pleased we were able to help the male without hurting him further or damaging his sofa. We will revisit him later today, make sure he is ok and complete a safe and well visit.”

Next time, the curious man will know better than sticking his hand somewhere the sun doesn’t shine.


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