Man Gets Shoes Tattooed Onto His Feet


Have you ever wished that you never had to buy another pair of shoes ever again? One man was “tired of paying” to replace his worn-out shoes every few years that he decided enough was enough. The solution? Get his favorite pair of Nike sneakers tattooed onto his feet.

Tattoo artist Dean Gunther used his intricate skills to make the magic come to life. He was able to draw the design of the shoes onto the man’s feet before permanently inking the illusion.

“I wanted to create the illusion that the person is wearing shoes, even though he’s bare feet. It will definitely make you look twice,” Gunther said.

The piece took Dean around two hours to draw freehand and another eight hours to actually tattoo the design onto both feet.

“He’s tired of paying for shoes, so he decided he will get his favourite pair of Nikes tattooed on him and he can see the funny side to it! Definitely a great conversation starter. His wife loves it too,” Gunther said.

It definitely made an impression online. The 34-year-old originally posted the process and the completed design on TikTok. Gunther owns a tattoo studio and has gone viral for other bizarre creations but none have garnered the same level of attention as his latest work.

Several people have since seen the video, racking up over two million views across TikTok and Instagram.

“Just don’t,” one person wrote, playing off of Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It.”

Another commented: “Save a fortune on trainers.”


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