Man Goes for a Swim in His Trash Bin


Heatwaves affect us all in different ways throughout the summer months. To try to beat the heat, people are having to get creative. One man decided he would take a dip in his trash bin and enjoy a nice cocktail.

It looks just as bizarre as it sounds. A viral clip was posted to TikTok where the man in the trash bin and a neighbor are having a bickering session about the “swimming pool” in question.

The man in the bin asks why the neighbor cares what he’s doing. “What? I’m not allowed to have a cocktail in my own bin?” and “It’s a celebration for normal English people like me” are brought up on numerous occasions.

Then things get heated. “If you want to fight about it, come in and fight. You’re trying to bring me down,” the man said. After a bit of back and forth, the TikToker finally leaves the safety of his vehicle to come take a closer look at the man in the trash bin.

The argument goes on for a little over three minutes and ends with the man attempting to get out of his trash bin to fight the neighbor. The man loses his balance and flops onto the ground as water spills out around him.

While some thought the whole thing was staged, many commenters were up to the task of posting the best puns. One person wrote: “Leave him he’s bin going through a lot.”

Another posted: “He’s wheely enjoying himself there.”

Regardless of the situation, many people thought the guy should have been left alone to carry about his business. A commenter said: “Why interrupt him when he’s at peace.”

Another wrote: “Leave him alone he is living his best life.”


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