Man Goes to the Grave Hiding Secret Sex Dungeon


Some people head to the grave without telling their deepest, darkest secrets. Others call the “Coffin Confessor” to carry out their final wishes unable to be told to friends and family.

Bill Edgar has been carrying out the final wishes for people over the last four years. Originally a private detective, his new career began in 2018 when a dying client offered $10,000 to crash his funeral and kick out an old friend who had been trying to get with his wife. Since then, Edgar has been sent requests from people asking him to attend their funerals or to dispose of embarrassing secrets they want to be kept hidden from family.

In a unique instance, a man asked him to dismantle his “sex dungeon” so his three sons wouldn’t find it while cleaning his house. After meeting with the 88-year-old man, the man explained that he had a hidden room full of sex toys in his home he needed to be taken care of.

“So he gave me instructions, he gave me the key, told me where everything was, and I go into this place, into this secret room, and I’m telling you, it was the most immaculate, pristine, beautiful room anybody could ever go into.

“Yes, it was a sex dungeon, but it was so well done. And so nice, you didn’t feel uncomfortable. It was just weird,” Edgar said.

It took Edgar around three hours to clear the room of the man’s collection of toys, which were well hidden. After the room was cleaned, he took everything back to his farm to incinerate it. He also had to film the entire experience to show the man it was all gone and that his sons weren’t going to find anything.

Although odd, the man was probably just lonely after the death of his wife. “It would be mortifying for his grandkids to find out that their grandfather was a sexual deviant. But at the same time, he was 88, his wife died when he was 50, and he was just having fun. He didn’t hurt anyone, I guess. I mean, why not?” Edgar said.


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