Man Hasn’t Bathed for 22 Years


The constant debate about how often you should shower has only increased over the last few years, with more and more celebrities speaking out about bathing less. One man has actually been ahead of the trend and hasn’t taken a bath in over two decades.

Dharamdev Ram is famous in his home village of Baikunthpur, India, as all the locals know he hasn’t showered in 22 years. The 62-year-old gets plenty of respect from his fellow villagers as he vowed to shun bathing until violence against women, land disputes among men and the killing of innocent animals stops. Since this has yet to happen, Ram has yet to bathe.

In 2000, Ram quit his job at a factory to uphold his no-bathing regime. After he faced backlash from his own family, he quickly returned to working at the factory. Once they discovered Ram’s unusual pledge, he was fired and has been unemployed ever since.

Ram has faced several tragedies since he started his vow. His wife and two sons have passed away over the last 22 years but the man still chooses to stick with his noble pledge.

Apparently, Ram isn’t even the world’s dirtiest man. An 87-year-old from Iran hasn’t bathed in 67 long years. Not bathing for such a lengthy period of time could make anyone squirm.


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