Man Hospitalized for Four Days After Masturbation Accident


A 20-year-old man from Switzerland has been in the hospital for days after a ‘freak injury’ while masturbating in his bed.

The man took himself to the hospital after experiencing chest pain and breathless while in the act. By the time he made it to the hospital, his face was completely swollen and crunching noises could be heard throughout his entire body.

As per Radiology Case Reports, the man experienced a rare lung injury called spontaneous pneumomediastinum (SPM) usually caused by over exertion while exercising or violent coughing. He was required to spend at least three days under the watchful eyes of the Cantonal Hospital’s ICU staff.

SPM is a rare condition that causes the air to escape from the lung and become lodged in the ribcage. In this man’s case, the trapped air had spread throughout his body, making its way to his skull. In even severer cases, SPM can cause a collapsed lung.

According to doctors handling the case, this is believed to be the first caused by masturbation.

“Predisposing factors are a history of smoking, acute asthma and recreational drug use (especially cocaine and heroin).

“Except for a history of mild, non-acute asthma, no inciting factors were noticed in our patient.

“There are only a few reports of SPM related to sexual activity and we could not find any cases associated with autoeroticism, which makes our case unusual.”


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