Man Jokes About Winning the Lottery


Oftentimes, people joke about winning the lottery because it seems like a far-fetched dream. A Virginia man who promised to call his wife if he won the lottery had a lot of convincing to do when he told her about actually winning the jackpot.

Charles Smith’s wife was taking a trip out of state when he said he’d call her if he won the lottery before she left. Smith had to call her a few days later to tell her about the $227,037 he won from the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 with EZ Match drawing.

“Of course, she thought I was joking,” he said. The odds of matching all five numbers to win the jackpot are 1 in 749,398 so it’s understandable to see why his wife was so hesitant about the call. With some convincing, she realized he wasn’t kidding around, although according to Smith, she still thinks he’s somehow joking.

To match all five numbers, Smith chose his numbers by using his family birthdays, 4-6-8-12-15, while buying his ticket from the Virginia Lottery’s website.

As of right now, the winner doesn’t have many plans for the winnings besides using some of it to pay bills.


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