Man Lists His Wife for Sale


The couple who pranks together stays together. That’s what one man is hoping anyway after he listed his wife for sale in an online post.

Robbie Mcmillen and his wife Sarah have been together for almost 20 years and have two children. When Sarah was away at a festival in April 2022, Robbie decided to get creative and shared a post on Facebook offering her for sale.

The post featured a photo of Sarah and read: “Wife for sale. Above average condition for year. Great headlights. Flip paintwork. Changes from white during week to orange at weekends.

“Good set of tyres. Comes with an additional 100 pairs. Has a bad smell from exhaust every morning but goes away when you open the window.”

He went on to say that she “runs on Coors Lite” and that he’s “open to offers or may swap (ideally for Jennifer Anniston or Imelda May).”

Robbie has been known to be a bit of a jokester so this post isn’t too out of line for him. Although the 38-year-old did not specify a price for his wife, he did receive a few offers from interested parties.

“It was really only a joke, we’re always having a laugh with each other. As you can see by her picture, she’s never for sale. She’s one in a million. Yes, she’s had a few offers, but unfortunately, she’s now off the market,” Robbie said.

Despite being the original poster, Robbie wasn’t the one to get the last laugh. Sarah commented on the post herself: “You sure you want me home? I can stay longer if you like.”

“He’s very cheeky. When I spotted the post I just laughed because he does things like that all the time, he’s a bit of a prankster. Maybe he just missed me. We’ve been together for ages and the secret to our relationship is that we’re always talking and laughing, we’re just best friends,” Sarah said.

The post has since been shared across social media with many people telling Robbie to watch his back.

One user wrote: “If you need somewhere safe to stay till things cool down pal let me know.”

Another commented: “She is stunning, you better watch Robbie she doesn’t get in before you and give you away for free. Beautiful couple.”


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