Man Makes Over $2,000 A Month Selling His Used Socks


A British man is making over $2,000 a month by selling his used socks and other clothing items through OnlyFans.

Originally, Billy-Joe Gray had no idea there was this type of market out there until people started reaching out to him for clothing requests via the OnlyFans page he and his fiancee run.

The 25-year-old documented his daily routine as a used sock seller on his TikTok page. Gray wears the socks for days at a time before placing them into a plastic bag and mailing them out to their new home.

The used socks he sells range anywhere between $12 and $40, often selling between five and 12 pairs a week. And for an additional charge, he’ll even include an assortment of his own bodily fluids. You can be the judge of what that means.

Gray broke down why he started a side hustle of selling used clothing items: “I started OnlyFans just over a year ago and through OnlyFans, you get requests for items of clothing, whether that be socks, boxers or gym tops.

“A lot of guys had interest in it because I have massive support from the LGBTQ+ community. They’re like my main audience. They help support my page and I do videos and content for them on my website as well as through TikTok and Instagram.”

His main demographic is Americans who will buy his used underwear and socks to keep for their own enjoyment. Every order is often catered to each individual, the price they’re willing to pay and what specifics they’re looking for.

“I get regular buyers who will buy used socks all the time. I’ll go to the gym on specific days for them and wear them over the course of one to three days for them.

“We’ll then talk about a price and how much they’d be happy to pay. It’s on an individual basis how much they sell for.

“Social media is so big and wide. It can take one video going viral on TikTok and getting thousands of views, and from that, you’ll have loads of people wanting to buy your socks,” Gray said.


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