Man Mocks Up Résumé for Hinge Date


Finding a decent romantic match can be tricky, so discovering someone who will commit to a comedy bit before a first date is everything.

Becca, a finance influencer and the creator of Blonde Broke & Bougie, shared her hilarious exchange with a man she matched with on the dating app Hinge. Originally posted on her TikTok, Becca broke down the comedy bit she and her match had, which included the man, named Damien, creating an entire fake résumé to apply for the position of the woman’s date.

The résumé contained his work history, qualifications, and other skills. The man’s work history listed him as both a “human being” and a “boating enthusiast”, to match with his original remark to Becca’s profile, where she mentioned she has a boat. The potential match claimed that he “will dance like nobody’s watching” and is a “superb conversationalist.”

After looking over Damien’s qualifications, Becca replied with an appropriately formal response, inviting her match to meet her for a first-round interview. The pair continued with the witty banter leading up to the first date. Becca went as far as to give Damien her phone number but informed the man that “any communication prior to the interview will be evaluated.”

The viral TikTok video has almost reached three million views on the platform. Before posting, Becca confirmed with her date the exchange was okay to post and didn’t make him feel uncomfortable in any way.

Multiple users commented saying the two were made for each other. One user wrote: “Marry him. Getting a guy that has a sense of humor only happens one in 2,000,000 times.”

Another commented: “I would marry this man tomorrow I don’t even care what he looks like.”

Becca said that their date consisted of drinks at a local bar and they had “a lot of fun.” A second-round interview will be scheduled soon.


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