Man Named Le’Genius Uses His Wits For Crime


Introducing Le’Genius Williams. Don’t get the wrong impression as he isn’t an intelligent scholar. He’s also certainly not the next Einstein. Instead, Williams is a 22-year-old man with poor relationship and decision-making skills.

The man is not tactful with his words, as he prefers violence to sort out any underlying relationship problems. His love life went south when he smacked his girlfriend in the face with his handgun.

He proved to be a true keeper when he fled the scene in the company of another man. The genius and his sidekick escaped the place in a Chevy. Officers chased the car down and arrested both individuals.

According to court documents, the search of the car revealed a pair of loaded firearms, cocaine, and fentanyl. Williams is subject to aggravated domestic battery, drug trafficking, narcotics possession, and weapons charges.

So, this genius hits and smokes. Williams is coming in hot and ready to enter the dating scene after his jail release. His girlfriend will be tending to her black eye, and will likely not want him back. The criminal charges are major selling points for his upcoming dating profile.


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