Man of Her Dreams Turns Out to Be a Woman


Dating apps are similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes you feel ecstatic that you found your perfect needle in an overwhelming pile but then it pokes you in the eye and the pain feels intolerable. 

A woman in Indonesia met a man on a dating app. She got married to the love of her life, Erayani. The first year is always a challenging period as it involves a period of adjustment as a married couple. However, the adjustment should not have to be regarding your gender preferences. After 10 months of marriage, she had a shocking discovery that her husband is a woman. 

Looks are deceiving as the lady resembled a masculine figure and lived in Lahat, South Sumatra. Her spouse went by the name Ahnaf Arrafif on the app with his educational qualifications in the medical field. The ‘husband’ claims to be a doctor with his studies completed abroad.

Their dating experience was relatively short as they were dating for just two weeks when her husband moved in to stay over at her place. Erayani was a helpful individual who went the extra mile to take care of her ill parents. The man proposed to her with the blessings of her parents. 

The story was too good to be true. Things started to feel unsettling for the wife as her new spouse never introduced her to his parents and she never saw him naked. Where was the man’s penis? 

Four months into the marriage, the woman’s mother shared concerns about her spouse. Erayani was always discreet and never undressed in the presence of others. 

As for the wife, she didn’t have any complaints since she was satisfied with her sex life. He was fulfilling her sexual needs and desires. Even when she observed a lump on Erayani’s chest, she bought the excuse of hormones affecting the body. 

Mom knows best though. The woman’s mother confronted Erayani and asked her to undress in the shower. Not at all creepy or intrusive to be asking a son-in-law. Erayani could not get out of this interrogation and her mystery life was exposed.

When they questioned her ability to perform sexually, her fingers were the ones engaging in the sexual behavior. There was no penis for the penetration. 

The distressed spouse took the issue to court after considering a divorce. The court charged her based on the false academic qualifications.

In some online dating matches, it’s the basic information that is taken for granted. This woman will be second-guessing her future dating prospect’s sexual orientation. 


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