Man Ordered to Hide Boat Has Vessel Painted on Fence

Showing off your prized possessions can somehow land you in trouble. A California man was ordered by his city to conceal the boat parked in his driveway with a fence so he decided to have the vessel painted on the wall.

Etienne Constable said that the boat he uses for fishing was regularly parked in his Seaside driveway for around four years before he received a letter from the city. They informed him of a municipal code requiring boats and trailers to be “screened on the side and front by a six-foot-high fence.”

Angered by the letter, Constable spoke to his neighbor mural artist Hanif Panni, to come up with a creative solution.

Constable had a fence installed to block his driveway and boat. Panni then painted a photo-realistic image of the boat and the rest of the driveway on the road-facing side of the fence.

“We kind of hit the sweet spot between following the rules and making an elegant statement to the contrary,” Constable said.

Panni posted photos of the finished work on Facebook with many people enjoying the creative piece. “I’m all in favor of generating a discussion and making people smile,” Constable said. “The reaction is extremely more than we ever expected and we’re both just tickled about it.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/hanifwondir/posts/pfbid02EvCZ8P9nB52qKZqggvmfFULKQ3dYfHhoCcXLr8t4icfq8LMRiqXSTzFrMSrr3NuSl