Man Pays Using Scannable Barcode Tattoo

Paying for goods is effortless with our bank cards being a tap away from any purchase but what if there was an even easier way? A Taiwanese man went viral on local social media after he received a payment app barcode permanently tattooed on his forearm.

The unnamed man had originally wanted to get a tattoo for a while but wanted something special to get something inked into his skin. While paying with smartphones is easy, it’s not the most efficient way for making simple payments. That’s when it hit him: why not get a functional tattoo to solve the problem?

Credit: Dcard

The man had a tattoo artist ink his payment app barcode into his forearm so he would no longer need to whip out his phone while buying items. While this may seem like a simple tattoo, if the tattoo artist messed up by making one of the bars too thick or too thin, it wouldn’t work as it’s meant to.

Taking to the internet, the man shared just how functional a barcode tattoo really is. He shared several videos of himself using the forearm tattoo to pay for things at convenience stores and gas stations with ease.

He’s had no problems paying for anything so far but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t think twice about the idea. The original poster warned that the risk of getting the barcode wrong is quite great and how the tattoo will hold up in the future is an unknown risk.