Man Plans on Building Boat to Sail to Meet Elon Musk


As a fan of a celebrity, people will go to great lengths in order to make an impression. One man decided at the beginning of the year not to lose a few pounds or learn a new language but to build a boat, sail it across the Atlantic Ocean and meet Elon Musk.

Krystian Ryt moved from Poland to Manchester, United Kingdom, six years ago and has since transformed his studio flat into a shipyard. By day, the man works as a machine operator and by night, he builds boats. The best of both worlds.

The 26-year-old is planning his biggest project yet by attempting to build a boat that will last him the two-month trek across the Atlantic Ocean to meet Elon Musk at his SpaceX Starbase in Texas.

Ryt has no engineering qualifications but a love of boats, Elon Musk and a dream can make anyone do crazy things. Apparently, he’s not afraid of what lies ahead for this project.

“I really am scared about a simple life. That scares me more. Going to work, then back to home. Same day every day — that scares me.”

To accomplish this mission, Ryt created a GoFundMe as a way to bring in the cash he needs to build his boat, setting a goal of $81,000. Ryt figures it will take around two months to put together and two months to make the trip. He plans on sailing away before the end of 2022.


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