Man Plans to Push Peanut Up Mountain With His Nose


A nutty man is taking hiking to the extreme by adding a little extra to a normal summit.

Bob Salem’s goal is to push a peanut up Pikes Peak but that isn’t the most absurd part about it. He’s looking to do so with his nose, completely on his own accord.

The Pikes Peak peanut push will happen on July 9, 2022, with the intention of reaching the 14,115-foot summit on his hands and knees by July 17.

The city of Manitou Springs released a statement about the hike, noting that Salem will use a “contraption taped to his nose” to push the peanut up the length of the 13-mile-long Barr trail. The entire excursion is an attempt to honor the city’s 150th anniversary at the base of the mountain.

Although it seems like Salem’s hike is a strange one, it’s actually been done before on multiple occasions. In 1929, a Texan named Bill Williams became the first to do so after making a $500 bet with his friends. He and his trusty sidekick, the peanut, reached the summit of “America’s Mountatin” in 22 days.

Ulysses Baxter smashed that record in 1963 when he made the push in eight days. His secret? He taped a large wooden salad spoon to his nose.


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