Man Pretends to Be Irish While Committing Fraud

Pretending to be someone you’re not is a great way to get in trouble. A Florida man was arrested for doing just that, by committing multiple fraudulent transactions while pretending to be Irish.

Daryl Gary Boehlke was arrested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement while using the pseudonym “Declan Quinn” to commit fraud in February 2022. After an investigation, it was discovered that “Quinn” had won the position of HOA Board of Directors president in his Washington County neighborhood.

This standing meant that he was able to obtain a $17,000 loan fraudulently, using a fake name and signing a notarized promissory note stating he would repay the loan. Naturally, Boehlke did not repay the loan.

Credit: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FDLE agents linked “Quinn” to Boehlke, who was later revealed to be a convicted felon out of Wisconsin. To be able to participate in business deals, Boehlke posed as an Irish immigrant and also claimed to be a member of the Irish Army.

The investigation revealed that Boehlke did use a fictitious Irish passport as his identification while pawning over $1,000 worth of items at a store in Bay County.

Boehlke was arrested by agents for his fraudulent activity in Washington County where he faces charges of uttering a forged note, obtaining a promissory note by false representation and fraud. He now also faces charges in Bay County, including two counts of forgery and two counts of false verification under the Florida Pawnbroker Act, a second-degree felony.