Man Receives Deal After Asking Cops to Test His Meth


Calling the cops to ask if they can test your drugs probably isn’t the best way to stay under the radar. One Florida man wanted to be sure he got what he paid for when he gave police two baggies of methamphetamine and asked them to test the stash for him.

Thomas Colucci was arrested after calling police to about drugs he had purchased from a dealer named “Jay Jay.” After using some of the drug, Colucci thought that “Jay Jay” had sold him bath salts after conducting a Google search.

Colucci said he called 911 because he did not want other users to purchase the “fake” meth from the drug dealer. He told police that he “wanted Jay Jay in trouble because he believed that the drugs that Jay Jay was selling were dangerous.”

According to court records, Colucci will now have to perform community service and refrain from using alcohol and drugs as part of a deal with prosecutors. The 41-year-old entered into a pre-trial intervention contract that defers his prosecution for possession of meth and drug paraphernalia. He will also be drug tested monthly by his probation officials.

As per the contract, Colucci will need to perform 25 hours of community service and pay around $700 in court costs and fees. Thankfully, if Colucci successfully completes his pre-trial supervision, his case could be dismissed.


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