Man Regrets Getting Messi Tattooed on His Face

Tattoos can lead to regrets and one man had to stare at his poor decision every morning in the bathroom mirror. Mike Jambs, a Lionel Messi fan, got the player’s name inked in bold capital letters across his forehead after Argentina’s World Cup victory. He now regrets his decision but it may be too late.

Jambs publicly announced his admiration for the player in an Instagram video that showcases his face tattoo. He received criticism for his peculiar design but he jumped up to put the haters to rest. Jambs said: “I’m not harming anyone, I’m not doing anything illegal.”

After his initial post, his faith in his decisions started to waver and he confessed that maybe a face tattoo with the player’s name wasn’t that brilliant of an idea. In a follow-up video, Jambs said: “I regret having done the tattoo because instead of bringing me positive things, it’s led to lots of negative things, both personally and for my family.”

Credit: Mike Jambs

He added: “I didn’t think I’d be saying this so soon and I felt very proud of what I’d done in the first few days but I now wish I hadn’t done it.”

When Argentina defeated France in the World Cup final, Argentinian fans were ecstatic as they booked tattoo artists to ink a tribute to Messi. Tattoo artist Sebastian Arguello Paz said: “I knew lots of people wanted tattoos of Messi and the team because they had already booked me before the final. I never imagined there would be a queue at the shop the next day.”

For those fickle fans who change their minds with each game, a permanent tattoo is not worth the investment. For Jambs, the tattoo tribute has just brought on more shame and regrets.