Man Returns the Favor to Garbage Dumping Neighbor


Dealing with a horrible neighbour is not fun. A man turned into a detective to figure out who dumped bags of trash in his garden, which included a poo-filled diaper.

Josh Hopper is currently renovating his home and was shocked to find piles of garbage bags placed outside. Needing the additional yard space for building materials, the 26-year-old took matters into his own hands to track down the perp.

Hopper figured getting down and dirty by rifling through the bags of trash would be the easiest way to find information about the culprit. Sifting through the garbage wasn’t an enjoyable experience but it did lead to a clue: something marked with an address two streets away.

“I was annoyed because money is tight while we renovate our house — we don’t need to be paying to get rid of someone else’s rubbish too.

“There were dirty nappies and all sorts in the bags. I saw a pharmacy bag with a name and address on and realized they only lived a couple of roads away. I decided to do them a favour and drop it off on my way home that day, putting the bags neatly in their garden,” Hopper said.

Hopper ended up sharing the incident on a local group online, where he wrote: “Big thanks to the person who dumped bags of rubbish on our skip. Even bigger thanks for leaving your address on there. It’s been returned safely.”

After sharing the post, Hopper was contacted by another neighbor who mentioned someone on their street was having the same issue. Apparently, this garbage dumping neighbor is a serial offender.


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