Man Rides Horse Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru


When most people are craving fast food, they hop in their car to visit the restaurant’s drive-thru to pick up their tasty treats. Walking through the drive-thru on foot isn’t allowed, leaving some to get creative in order to get the meal they’re looking for.

One man reinvented the rule by trotting up to a McDonald’s restaurant on a horse and proceeded to ride the animal through the drive-thru to make his order. Posting about the experience on TikTok, the horse-rider ordered himself 100 chicken nuggets from an East London branch of the fast food chain.

The man captioned the clip: “After our hack we got hungry, so I went to get 100 chicken nuggets.”

The hilarious clip has gone viral on the platform, racking up more than 1.7 million views. Many found ways to sneak puns into the comment section of the video. One person wrote: “What’s the horse power on that beast?”

Another joked: “One horse power, I’ve seen it all.”

A different user questioned why the horse hadn’t been given a snack as well. The person commented: “Could of got a carrot bag for your ride bro” to which the horse-rider replied, “My mare is picky but I had treats in my pocket. That’s why her mouth is green.”

Sounds like everyone was happy after that adventurous ride.


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