Man Sets Up Makeshift Barber Shop on Bridge


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, everyone has been treasuring haircuts, getting them whenever and wherever possible. A barber opened up shop on a bridge in Los Angeles to serve customers, forcing the bridge to be shut down.

The unusual occurrence took place on Los Angeles’ new Sixth Street Bridge. The bridge opened two weeks ago and has already been shut down on multiple occasions due to illegal street takeovers.

Credit: ABC7 News

The original viral video of the barber giving a haircut was posted by Adam Farias on Instagram but has since been taken down. The barber chair was set up in the middle of the bridge while oncoming traffic tried to get a closer look at the haircut being given.

The identity of the barber and the purpose of the mid-road haircut were unclear. Regardless, if their mission was to try to go viral for the wacky moment, they certainly did. The group is lucky that no cars took a little too much off the side on their way by.

The newly-opened 6th Street bridge has made headlines in the days since its grand opening. Several videos posted on social media show cars on the bridge drifting, doing donuts, all in front of large crowds. People have even tried scaling the bridge for photos.


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