Man Sets Up Shop With Stolen Merchandise


Stealing stolen merchandise is one thing but selling those stolen items out of the same company’s parking lot is another. A man has been accused of stealing televisions from Walmart only to sell them in the parking lot of the store for a fraction of the price. Sounds like an optimistic business model.

Officers responded to a Walmart in Knoxville, Tennessee, where they found Donald Kirkland in possession of stolen items from the store. Although Kirkland attempted to run away from the police, officers were able to detain him and take him into custody.

Kirkland admitted to stealing three televisions from the Walmart in question, as well as a karaoke machine and camping equipment. He was selling the items in the parking lot to people for a cheaper price than what the store was offering.

A Walmart manager confirmed the story to be true. He told officers that he saw Kirkland loading one of the televisions into a cart in the store. Kirkland was charged with theft of merchandise.


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