Man Shoots Roommate for Eating Last Hot Pocket

While Hot Pockets are tasty, they can’t be worth shooting someone over. Or are they? A Kentucky man was angered that his roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket that he ended up shooting him.

The argument started when Clifton Williams discovered that his roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket in the freezer at their Wyandotte neighborhood residence in Louisville, Kentucky. The 64-year-old started throwing tiles at him at first, which caused the roommate to try to leave the building.

That’s when Williams went inside to grab a gun and proceeded to shoot his roommate in the buttocks as he was trying to leave. The victim walked a few blocks to get help and was taken to UofL Hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The Louisville Metro Police Department arrested Williams for the crime. Williams is being charged with assault and has been ordered not to have contact of any kind with the victim. His bond was set at $7,500.

Maybe next time Williams will just run to the store to grab some more Hot Pockets instead of taking out his roommate.