Man Skips 71,185 Times in 8 Hours, Unofficially Breaks Record


Jumping rope is seen as an activity for children, but one man is changing the narrative with his record-breaking jumps.

South African athlete, SD Heijns, unofficially broke a jump roping world record when he completed 71,185 skips in eight hours. The record took place in Time Square, Pretoria, and his skips were counted using electronic equipment from the Sports Science Lab.

Despite the 21-year-old breaking the record, he hasn’t officially been crowned champion as of yet. The current Guinness World Record for most skips over a rope in eight hours was set by U.S. athlete Sella Rosa Rega in 2019. He skipped his way to the finish line with 70,030 jumps.

The Guinness World Record must now be verified by the body after Heijns submitted the video of the jump as evidence, along with the exact electronic data and each skip that was verified by the Sports Science Lab.

On top of most likely breaking the eight-hour record, Heijns is also planning on capturing the 12-hour and 24-hour records as well. Both of these categories are also currently held by Rega. It’s unsure as to when these jumps will take place.

Heijns began skipping during the first COVID-19 lockdown and it has since become an integral part of his personal training regime.


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