Man Spends Thousands on Building Speed Bumps


If you want something done you need to do it yourself. A man from England harnessed that energy when he spent thousands on speed bumps to make sure cars stopped speeding outside his home.

Adrian Kent has created “the shortest in the country with speedbumps” by adding new speedbumps along the 100-yard stretch of road. He originally had the idea to add speedbumps when reckless drivers caused his grandchildren to become too scared to play outside his Whitstable home.

Neighbors were also hit repeatedly by stones flicked up by speeding vehicles and car windows smashed in. Kent and a neighbor paid £8,000 or $9,320 of their own money for tarmac and speedbumps to be laid on the previously dirt road, which homeowners are responsible for maintaining, rather than the local authority.

Unfortunately, the DIY ramps have failed to stop motorists from zooming down the five miles per hour zone at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. On one occasion, a cement mixer hit one of the bumps, which caused its load to spill all over the street. It took Kent two hours to clean up the mess.

Since this setback, Kent has blocked off part of the road with planters. For the past 18 months, the fire department and police have raised no objections over the move. Overall, the planters have been a success. “It’s lovely and quiet now but the amount of traffic coming down here was quite something before,” Kent said.


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