Man Stabbed Girlfriend in Rear Because They Disagreed About Pizza


Nathaniel Williams, 29, got into an argument with his girlfriend after they got into an argument about where to buy pizza from. He wanted pizza from Pizza Hut, whereas she wanted Pizza Choice.

His girlfriend went to the kitchen to get a drink when she felt something prick her backside. When she went to feel the area, she could see blood on her hand and Williams hysterically apologizing at their home in Cardiff.

Williams convinced her not to go to the hospital since the police would inevitably become involved in the situation. It wasn’t until one of the victim’s friends came over that took her to the hospital.

He was later arrested and informed that he needed to stay away from her.

On December 4, another incident occurred where Williams was standing at the foot of his victim’s bed when she woke up in the middle of the night. He later refused to leave her house and when she went to stay with her parents, he followed.

Williams was arrested again but managed to escape from handcuffs and attacked PC Ceri Barnes.

Recorder John Philpotts said, “If it wasn’t so serious, it would almost be funny that you were arguing over where to buy a pizza, but that led to that young woman being stabbed.

“You inflicted upon her a nasty wound with a knife and knives are always serious, potentially deadly weapons.”

Williams must not come in contact with his victim for five years and will be jailed for one year.


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