Man Steals 53 iPhones on His First Day of Working at Electronics Store

iPhones are an expensive product that are always in demand so it almost makes sense that someone would take advantage of their position for some free phones. A Russian man didn’t get too far after he was arrested for stealing 53 new iPhones on his very first day of work at a Moscow electronics store.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs posted a clip of the man seen “cleaning up” at an electronics store in Moscow. He ended up using a small suitcase and several bags to carry dozens of iPhones out of the building.

According to authorities, 53 brand-new iPhones were stolen, along with $570 that was taken from the cash register. On his first day on the job as a sales manager at the electronics store, the man walked out with a pile of loot to his name. To secure the management position, the man had used forged documents. When he obtained a set of keys to the store, he came in earlier than everyone, took the phones and left the city for his home in Sevastopol.

The 44-year-old unnamed man wasn’t camera shy either. He did attempt to change the direction of the camera using a clean mop but after an unsuccessful try, he still carried on with his stealing spree.

Since the man didn’t conceal his face, it was rather easy for police to identify and apprehend him in Sevastopol. Police were able to confiscate some of the stolen goods found in his home but the thief said that he had managed to sell dozens of iPhones on his way home from Moscow.

The electronics store estimates that its losses amount to about $32,000 and a criminal case has been opened against the conman. What he gets charged with, we’ll just have to wait and see.