Man Steals Backhoe for 10-Mile Drive to Airport to Catch Flight

When heading to the airport, it’s important to arrive a bit early to ensure you make your flight on time. Using an optimal mode of transportation to get you there is essential. A man decided he was going to steal a backhoe and drive it the 10 miles to an Illinois airport to catch a flight.

Security camera footage caught a Carbondale, Illinois, man arriving at Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois driving a backhoe. According to the Williamson County Sheriffs Office, the man left the machinery in the airport parking lot after he arrived on May 18, 2023.

The footage, posted on Facebook by the sheriff’s office, later revealed that the man walked across the street from the parking lot and into the airport lobby. He was seen carrying a guitar case with him.

The owner of the backhoe arrived at the airport shortly after it was dropped off and identified the equipment as belonging to his company. The owner said the machine, typically used to move large debris, had been parked at a job site.

The unidentified man who had stolen the backhoe was charged with theft.